Monday, January 10, 2011

Healthy Eating Tips (continued)

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11. Avoid hot food.
Allow your food to cool first. Extremely hot food makes the stomach weak, and may cause cancer.

12. Don't eat fruits or drink fruit juice immediately before, after or with a meal.
This causes the food to ferment in the stomach,  causing the stomach to bloat. Take fruits an hour before a meal or 1 - 2 hours after a meal.

13. Don't be unhappy with the food.
Don't condemn the food you are about to eat. If the food is obviously bad for you, don't eat it. Avoid eating while accompanied by bad feelings. If you like it, eat it and praise the fodder and the cook. If you don't like it, leave the food and say nothing.

14. Quit emotional eating.
Eat because you're hungry, not because you're upset. Emotional eating disturbs normal digestive functioning. Whenever a craving strikes, take a brisk walk in the fresh air for 15-20 minutes. Drink tea to soothe emotional hunger. If you're still hungry, that means you really need food.
15. Don't lean while eating.
This is not a natural position for the organs when it comes to ingesting food and drink.

16. Don't lie down while eating.
Lying down alters the natural passage of food, causes heartburn and is harmful. When in an upright position like sitting at the dinner table, acidic liquid content in the stomach called refluxate flows down due to gravity and thus prevents it from sloshing up the oesophagus (the muscular tube that carries food from throat to stomach). When lying down, there is no such gravitational pull. Reflux may result in the oesophagus membrane lining becoming pre-cancerous, and eventually lead to fatal gastrointestinal cancer.

17. Don't eat in a standing position.
There is a need to relax while eating or drinking so the digestive muscles contract normally. Eating while standing or in activity prevents this.

18. Don't eat with the face facing downwards.
One example is when one is lying down with the stomach below. Another is when we bring the mouth to the food than vice-versa. Health experts advise an upright sitting position when eating, including bringing the food to the mouth to maintain an upright posture. Eating with an incorrect or lazy posture affects digestion and reduces metabolism.

19. Don't eat too much.
Eating less is anti-aging. Excessive eating causes a number of illnesses, and invites death: brain diseases, eye diseases, E.N.T diseases (ear, nose, throat), chest and lung diseases, heart and valves diseases, liver and gall bladder diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, destruction of brain veins. psychological diseases, depression or stroke. Studies in yeast, rodents and other organisms also have found that drastically cutting calories extends life span.

20. Wash the hands after eating.
This ensures cleanliness and prevents infection.

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