Monday, December 20, 2010

Health and Fitness Tips

Living a healthy life is a matter of choice. Like any other good thing, it takes a bit of hard work and perseverance to live healthy, but if you stick to it, you can transform your life to rise above the pitfalls of ill health. Our home remedies on health and fitness will give you some important insights into how you can make your life and that of your family healthier and richer.

Fitness Health Tips
Our bodies are designed so as to be active in the hours of daylight and to rest in the hours of darkness. Although the advent of artificial lighting has ensured that we need not be governed by the motion of the sun, are body's internal clocks still follow their own rule.

Why fight your body? If your job gives you the freedom to do so, it is best to sleep early at night and to wake up early in the morning. This ensures that your body is rested when its energy levels are at its lowest. You will also be amazed by the amount of work and play that you can put in simply by waking up a couple of hours earlier than you normally do.
Home Remedy Tips
The herbs, vegetables and fruits in your kitchen have tremendous unrealized potential. Learn how to harness this potential so that you can avoid unnecessary medications for simple problems such as a common cold, stomach problems, headaches and muscle cramps.

For common cold, make a delicious soup comprising of six crushed cloves of garlic, a quart of chicken stock, and two egg whites. Fry the cloves in vegetable oil, pour in the stock and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and add the two egg whites a dash of white vinegar. This tasty soup will help to keep the symptoms of common cold at bay. Also eat lots of fruits rich in Vitamin C.

Those suffering from stomach aches or flatulence can follow this health tip for a speedy cure.

Dissolve one and a half teaspoons of ground cinnamon in a cup of warm water. Cover the mixture for fifteen minutes and then drink it. This healthy cinnamon tea will take care of your stomach problems once and for all.
The next time you have a headache don't reach for that bottle of aspirin. Try almonds instead. Eating ten almonds has the same beneficial effects as aspirin with none of the side effects.

Similarly applying clove oil to areas that are affected by muscle cramps helps to relieve the soreness.

Tips on health
Obesity is a rampant problem among the youth and many adults. Most people eat far more than they need. Extensive studies provide a direct correlation between overeating and increased risk of various diseases.

Ensuring that you eat a healthy diet and eat less will ensure that you and your family have a better chance of maintaining good health in the years to come. It is better to eat healthy consistently rather than to indulge in food followed by periods of binge dieting. Vegetarianism is also increasing in popularity all over the world as it allows you to obtain the same benefits as eating meat with almost none of the attached risks.

Restrict your meals to small portions and drink lots of water. Many times we actually interpret thirst as hunger and end up eating when all our body needs is some water.

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